Foeniculum vulgare

The fennel herb is native to southwestern Asia and southern Europe, especially the Mediterranean.

Medicinal properties of fennel for women

Fennel can be prescribed to 90% of women, as it

  • helps with hormonal balance.
  • increases lactation in breastfeeding mothers, through increasing estrogen.
  • prevents menopause and eliminates the symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes.
  • has anti-obesity properties.
  • relieves vaginal inflammation and discomfort.
  • prevents menstruation.
  • has anti-aging properties.

Other Health Benefits


  • The herb is rich in vitamins C and B which are important agents in collagen boosting, skin rejuvenating and wrinkle removal. In general, it is used in natural cosmetics production in many countries in the world.
  • Fennel extract is effective in cold relief treatment.
  • It strengthens vision, another miraculous property of this herb. It is also useful in treating night blindness and eyelid inflammation while protecting the eyes against aging related problems.
  • It contains a substance called anethole that has cancer-fighting properties, especially breast cancer as it reduces the NF-kappa B gene-modifying agent and inflammatory-stimulating molecule.
  • It also prevents colon cancer with its high fiber components.
  • The Coumarin in fennel is a blood thinner that can help those with artery problems.