The amazing properties of cardamom

From the family of ginger, Cardamom is a fruit plant with dark seeds and the size of a finger knuckle.  The herb is found in green, black, and white color, with the green kind having a bitter aroma.

The fragrant seeds are used as an aromatic flavor in different cuisines such as sweets, foods, and especially jam.  India, Pakistan province are among the most consumers of cardamom in the world.

The amazing medicinal properties


  • helping with bad breath or treating halitosis

Bad breath is one of the most common problems among people. According to the studies in this field, consuming cardamom seed is an effective way to control bad breath, by fighting oral bacteria, making it a good ingredient in gum making industry.

Cardamom properties


  • fighting cancer cells

Studies and experiments on animals indicate the herb can help control and fight cancer cells, due to the anti-cancer agents such as Cineol and limonene in the herb.

  • lowering blood pressure

According to researchers, consuming 3 grams of the herb seeds per day for 12 weeks has a tremendous effect on reducing blood pressure.