Stevia is a herb native to south America. This leaf traditionally used as sweetener in beverages in the area. The glycosides in leaves are up to 3m times sweeter than table sugar. Stevia extract is calorie free and is a good choice for replacing lucose sweeteners. A small amount of impurities in the extract causes bitter taste and makes it unfit for use in food and medicine. Therefore, a high purity extract is required for these applications The pure stevia glycoside extract used in food and drug, is mainly rebaudioside A, with a purity of more than 98%.

Stevia extract can regulate blood pressure and is vey useful for diabetic individuals. Replacing sugar by stevia extract will produce weight loss. Stevia glycoside extract is an ideal choice for use by diabetic person, people who likes to lose weight or eliminate sugar from diet and replace it with a healthy sweetener. Stevia extracts of Homet are produced to answer all of these demands.

1X granulated stevia sachet

Package: 50 sachet in a package

Uses: Suitable for in house to replace regular sugars, to prepare sugar-free, calorie-free candies

Dosage: One sachet is enough for sweeten a cup of refreshment, tea or coffee.

Advantages: Natural sweetener, calorie and energy free.