The amazing properties of SAFFRON

Saffron with scientific name of Crocus sativus is the most expensive spice in the world. To harvest one kilogram of Saffron stigma, about 200,000 Saffron flowers are needed. Iran, as the largest Saffron producer in the world, annually produces about 250 tons of premium Saffron. Unfortunately, more than 85 percent of this Saffron is exported to other countries as a raw material with no any added value. The consumption of Saffron in Iran has a long history and it is one of the principle ingredients of our traditional medicine. It has been used for centuries for its anti-depressant activity, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects, aphrodisiac properties and ability to regulate menstruation. Saffron has been used in Iranian traditional cuisine due to Its delicate aroma, taste and color as the spice of Emperors. The active ingredients of Saffron, which produce its Characteristic aroma, taste and color, all have therapeutic properties and are respectively safranal, picrocrocin and crocin.

In Homet encapsulated Saffron extract products, these molecules are protected and preserved properly, giving possibility to formulate them in various forms with different applications.
Powder and granule extra‹
Powder and granule of sa extract are designed for u producing saffron products, cream, beverages, flavors, i consumers of saffron extract use and will give more freed formulations. Because of er stable as bulk materials and t with higher shelf life.


  • Saffron stigma extract supplement tablet
  • Instant Saffron tablet
  • Stigma cream
  • Saffron petal cream
  • Powder extract of Saffron stigma
  • Granule extract of Saffron stigma

Powder and granule extract of saffron stigma:

Powder and granule of saffron stigma encapsulated extract are designed for use by industries which are producing saffron products, spices blends, desserts, ice cream, beverages, flavors, in restaurants and by other consumers of saffron extract. These products are easy to use and will give more freedom to manufacturer in their formulations. Because of encapsulation they are more stable as bulk materials and finished products in storage with higher shelf life.

Encapsulated extract powder of saffron stigma

Package: 1 kg double bags.
Uses: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and for production of saffron-based formulations

Saffron stigma extract supplement and effervescent tablets

Saffron stigma extract tablet with standard amount of active materials is a potent natural antioxidant. The product is designed for use as antidepressant, aphrodisiac and for menstruation problems.
The instant saffron tablet is a product to prepare a quick saffron refreshment. Just put one of these pills in a glass of cold or warm water and prepare a drink with a pleasant flavor and pleasant color of saffron in seconds.

Saffron stigma extract supplement tablet

Package: 60 tablet for a two month period
Therapeutic effects: antidepressant, aphrodisiac and regulator for menstruation problems.