Bergamot essential oil is obtained from the peel of Citrus bergamia fruit by the cold compression method. Bergamot aroma and taste is similar to Lemon, but is more delicate and pleasant and so it is very good choice to blend it with tea.

The oil is stimulant and has anti-depressant and antispasmodic properties. Principle constituent of bergamot oil are alpha pinene, limonene and bergamyl acetate. Essential oils are very volatile and difficult to add them directly to a blend, since they will evaporate rapidly.

So, before incorporating them into any product, it is necessary to overcome the issue.

Nano technology for stabilize essential oils resolves the problem by encapsulating the oil, which will provide stable, non-volatile powder of essential oils. These formulations are stable, easy to blend, water soluble and resistant to light or oxygen. Encapsulated bergamot oils of Homet are in different shapes and colors, for flavoring various teas.

Encapsulated bergamot oil

Shapes: Extrude, Granule, Powder in tea color, Product Benefits: Stable encapsulated oil, water soluble, with color of tea, easy for dosage adjustment and specially prepared for tea aromatization. The oil is stable in blend and will release only by brewing.

Package: One kilogram double bags

Uses: Tea aromatization