Types of olive oil

There are six grades of olive oil: extra virgin oil, virgin oil, refined oil, pure oil, light oil, and olive pomace oil. Each of these items has a different smoke point, and this smoke point determines how to use them correctly. Extra virgin oil has the best quality and it is subjected to cold processing so as not to change its properties. So, if you are looking for a great oil, this kind could be a good choice.

Benefits of using olive oil

Olive oil can promote heart health and reduce the risk of cancer. It also acts like ibuprofen which can relieve pain and inflammation. Increasing bone health is another benefit of using this kind of oil. It contains bone-building calcium and vitamin D which can be suggested to children especially. Besides, this oil balances blood sugar and prevents diabetes by slowing down the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.

Olives in Turkey

Turkey is one of the top 5 producers of this vegetable and its oil in the world. There are about 700 species of them in the world, of which 50 to 80 species are cultivated in Turkey. The five common olive types in this country are Celebi, Domat, Gemlik, Memecik, and Memeli.


Hazelnut Butter


Brighten Up Your Day with Hazelnut Butter!

Hazelnut butter has a creamy, velvety texture, and a nutty taste. It is prepared from roasted hazelnuts and gives a unique twist to your culinary creations. It can also be a delicious alternative to peanut butter, especially for those with peanut allergies.

Whether spread on toast, added to smoothies, or used as a topping for fruits and vegetables, hazelnut butter is a delicious and nutritious choice. It is top in essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. If you have never tasted such a rich and creamy taste, do not neglect to try this butter. Treat yourself to this heavenly combination; your taste buds will thank you!

Enjoy the Richness of Fresh Nuts

Turkish hazelnut has a unique taste, different texture, and consistent and exceptional quality. Hence, it has gained fame and popularity in international markets. It is the preferred choice for many famous producers of chocolate, sweets, and even beverages. Hazelnuts add a delightful crunch with a rich nutty flavor in cooking.


Hazelnut Flour

The hazelnut flour obtained by grinding freshly roasted hazelnuts is used in pastry, biscuits, cookies, ice cream and various healthy foods to give the nutritiousness and delicious aroma of hazelnut instead of flour.

DimensionGrain of Flour
TransportPolypropylene Sack


Blanched Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts have a slightly sweet flavor. The process of blanching does not diminish their distinctive flavor. Instead, it increases their versatility. Blanching removes the skin from the hazelnut making it more conducive to roasting and to use in a variety of culinary manners.

Dimension11.13 - 13.15 - 11.12 - 12.13mm
Production Vacuum Non-Vacuum
Packaging50 KG Grot Bag
TransportPolypropylene Sack


Roasted Chopped Hazelnut

It is a product prepared by cutting the hazelnut kernels into pieces in accordance with its technique after roasting.

Dimension2.4 - 3.5 - 3.7 - 4.7
ProductionVacuum - NonVacuum
PackagingCardboard box


Double Roasted Hazelnut

It is a product obtained by roasting the hazelnut kernels and removing the outer shell and containing maximum 1% moisture. The moisture content of the hazelnut, which decreases with the over-roasting, makes the aromatic feature of the hazelnut even more.

Dimension9.11 - 11.13 - 13.15 - 10.11 - 11.12 12.13mm
ProductionVacuum - NonVacuum
Packaging25 KG Grot Bag
TransportPolypropylene Sack


Natural Hazelnut Kernels

The hazelnut core is separated from the hard shell.

Dimension 11.13 - 13.15 - 11.12 - 12.13mm
ProductionVacuum - NonVacuum
Packaging 50 KG Grot Bag
TransportPolypropylene Sack



Different kinds of olives

Olive can be a very delicious choice to eat with food. These days, a wide variety of them and their combinations can be found. To choose the right one according to your taste, the first step is to know the different types of them.

Green olives are one type that are divided into many kinds too. Halkidiki is one of the traditional Greek ones. This kind of olive is egg-like, fleshy, and juicy and has a spicy and peppery taste. Manzanilla is the next kind which is mostly found in Spain and is suitable for those who love the combination of spicy and salty flavors. Other types of green ones are Sicilian and Pichulin.

On the other hand, we have black ones which are divided into Kalamata, Ponentine, Gaeta, Lugano, and Alphonsus.

The ProductsCodeCaliberWeightBox/PiecePalet/Boxcaliber
1Black olive in a tin1120180-23010 Kg175180-230
2Black olive in a tin2121201-26010 Kg175200-260
3Black olive in a tin2122231-29010 Kg175230-290
4Black olive in a tin2123261-32010 Kg175260-320
5Black olive in a tin2124291-35010 Kg175290-350
6Color turned olive in a tin212510 Kg175320-380
7Black olive in a tin1126all caliber13 Kg160350-410
8Black olive in a tin11214 Kg450410-460
9Black olive in a tin11224 Kg460
10Black olive in a tin1128800 G696
11Black olive in a plastic box2126230-2901500 G690
12Black olive in a plastic box2127201-2601500 G690
13Black olive in a plastic box2128230-290900 G690
14Black olive in a plastic box2129201-260900 G690
15Black olive in a plastic box1132230-2901000 G690
16Black olive in a plastic box1133290-3501000 G690
17Black olive in a plastic box1134201-2601000 G690
18Green olive with redpepper in a plastic box1140700 G690
19Green olive in a plastic box1143700 G690
20black olive in a vacum package1123800 G1648
21black olive in a vacum package11241000 G1248
22black olive in a vacum package1137700 G1648
23black olive in a vacum package1138500 G2448
24Green olive with redpepper in a tin1139all caliber10 KG160
25Green olive in a tin114110 KG160
26Green olive in a tin114210 KG160
27Green olive in a tin114410 KG160
28Grilled olive in a glass jar1145320 G8160
29Grilled olive in a tin114612 KG160
30Grilled olive in a tin11479 KG175
31Sliced black olive in a tin11488 KG175
32Sliced green olive in a tin11498 KG175
33Black olive paste in a plastic box 11504 KG460