Carum carvi

Green Cumin was first cultivated in Iran and the Mediterranean region. The plant was, first, found in Syria and since the second millennium BC, it was used in ancient Egypt, Morocco, ancient Rome, and Persia.

Green Cumin plays a major role in the pharmaceutical industry. Being one of the major producers of Cumin in the world, Iran ranks second in harvesting green cumin in the world.

Ingredients of cumin

  • Iron and magnesium
  • Vitamins C and E
  • Variants of B vitamins such as B2, B3, B6, B12
  • Folic acid B9
  • A and K Vitamins
  • Potassium and phosphorus
  • Sodium and zinc
  • Calcium
  • Golden oil, tannins, and essential oils
  • A kind of aldehyde called cuminol, the amount of which varies between 30 to 50 percent depending on the culture site.

The amazing healing properties of cumin


Treating hemorrhoids

Pain, swelling, and bleeding are associated with constipation and hemorrhoids, caused by the high pressure on the rectum and anus vessels. Cumin can help to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, improve digestion and thus treat hemorrhoids. Having antimicrobial and fungal properties, the herb can eliminate infections associated with hemorrhoids.

Improving digestion

One of the great properties of cumin is to improve stomach and the intestines function by stimulating the glands involved in enzymes, bile, and acids. By improving digestion, the herb prevents gas formation in the digestive system.

Eliminates bloating

It is very useful in relieving abdominal bloating associated with pressure and abdominal pain.

Boost the immune system

Rich in vitamin C, the plant seed can strengthen and boost the immune system, especially in people who suffer from stress and anxiety.

Lowering blood pressure and heart attacks

The herb can prevent cancer, caused by oxidative stress.

Aid in weight loss

The plant can help losing weight automatically while enhancing metabolism and improving digestion.

Has Anti-inflammatory properties and eliminates body toxins

Thymoquinone is an active substance found in cumin. It can help losing weight due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties while eliminating toxins by fighting free radicals.

help Lowering blood sugar

Since cumin helps the body respond properly to glucose and insulin, it can help lower the blood sugar level.

Rejuvenating the skin

Containing Vitamin E and anti-aging properties, the plant strengthens the capillary membrane of the skin, maintains its elasticity while keeping the moisture content. Since vitamin E accelerates healing the body’s cells and reducing skin inflammation, it is effective in treating acne, wounds, and wrinkles.

May help Cancer prevention

Having antioxidant properties, the herb can help to prevent skin infection and skin cancer.

Rich in iron

The iron is stored in the bone marrow and liver in the body. Myoglobin, or primary cells of muscle, won’t be able to store oxygen without iron, hence leading to cell misfunction and weakening the muscles.

Inadequate iron intake can lead to memory deficit and cognitive inability, due to the insufficient amount of oxygen carried to the brain. Rich in Iron, cumin can reduce brain damage, Alzheimer and other cognitive disorders.

Effective for people with anemia

Hemoglobin carries oxygen throughout the body. Anemia occurs when the level of Hemoglobin decreases in the body. The plant can prevent the symptoms associated with anemia such as anxiety, cognitive disorders, general fatigue, and digestive problems.