Tak San Andishe Homet

We have borrowed the name Homet from the history of Iran so that we always remember to adhere to the principle of good thoughts.
Taxan Andisheh Homet Trading Company was established in 2018 to produce quality medicinal herbs, especially to cultivate and harvest saffron.
These days, medicinal herbs have a special place in the healthcare industry. There are many findings on health properties of medicinal herbs from studies by researchers from most prominent universities and laboratory centers.
Iran has been the main hub for growing various types of medical herbs, since the beginning of human history. The country is now one of the major producers in the industry and have a significant share in the global market.
This group offers everyone the benefits and properties of the finest and purest medicinal herbs without intermediaries while adheres to the professional standards of international trade.
Having hundreds of hectares of cultivated land in Khorasan province and other parts of Iran, the company proudly announces that this goal has been achieved in 2020 with the help of exemplary farmers and business experts.
Thanks to the efforts of hardworking Iranian farmers, who have contributed significantly to this goal, we believe that with the collective knowledge and expertise on the team, we can gain a prominent status in cultivating and distributing medicinal plants in the country and the world.